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Chapter 7 Attorney in Alexandria, LA

You need some guidance when filing for bankruptcy in Alexandria, LA. A chapter 7 attorney with years of experience in this field is the first place you should turn for advice so you have the greatest chance of successfully putting your debt behind you. Look into the services offered by L. Laramie Henry, Attorney at Law before you file.

This chapter allows you to wipe out all qualifying debt and start anew, but it is not the best move for every debtor. You need a lawyer to help determine the following details before you can file:

  • Is your income lower than your state's median?
  • If not, can you pass the remainder of the means test?
  • Do your biggest debts qualify for bankruptcy?

There is no point in paying the chapter 7 court filing fees if you are not eligible for this option. Obtaining a lawyer is the fastest, cheapest way to find out if you can file, especially when you take advantage of a free case evaluation.

If you live in Alexandria, LA, chapter 7 attorney services can be acquired with a simple phone call. Request a free initial meeting with bankruptcy expert L. Laramie Henry, Attorney at Law to find out what your financial future holds.